10 Years Later and Model Kara Nichols’ body has been found

Co-authorities have found the remains of model Kara Nichols’ after being missing since 2012. On Feb. 8th, police made an announcement stating the arrest of Joel Hollendorfer for the second-degree murder of 19-year-old Kara Nichols.

The last time Nichols was seen was on Oct. 9th, 2012. She was reported missing five days later. On Feb.8th, 2022, Nichols’ body was found in a garbage bag that had been buried above a horse grave that Hollendorgers parents own. The following day a positive identification was made.

Hollendorfers ex-wife allegedly told authorities that his parents helped cover up the murder. In 2014 Hollendorfers mother Betty allegedly told authorities that there were marked spots on their property from the dogs marking on where past pets were buried. Hollendorfers ex-wife allegedly told police he took Nichols’ body and brought her body to his parents, where he then allegedly buried her on an old horse grave.

On Feb. 7th, authorities arrested Hollendorfer on an unrelated warrant. During questioning, he denies all allegations of ever meeting with Nichols. Hollendorfer was then charged with second-degree murder and evidence tampering. His being held on a $1 million bond.

Michelle Bart believes that Joel Hollendorfer did not work alone, and justice needs to be served because Betty Hollendorfer had knowledge and involvement in the murder of Kara Nichols. (Source: People)


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