Bigfoot summoned to commit murder in Pontotoc County

ADA, Okla. – The Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Department received a chilling call regarding an alleged murder outside of Ada.

Murder suspect, Larry Sanders (53), was friends with victim Jimmy Knighten. Sanders claims that the notion of Bigfoot was involved in Knighten’s death.

Suspect Larry Sanders, Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Department

According to KTEN / Gray News, the suspect stated that it was the victim that had “summoned Bigfoot” to murder Sanders, the suspect himself. Sanders had allegedly admitted to a family member about murdering Knighten.

In a press release, The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation expressed that the suspect strangled Knighten to death at a river where the two were “noodling.”

JAILBIRDS DIGITAL LLC consulted a conspiracy theory enthusiast and connoisseur of all things strange and occult, Mark Hokit II.

Mark Hokit Night of the Demon
Mark Hokit II discusses Bigfoot Folklore

After discussing suspect Sanders’ claim that victim Knighten had summoned Bigfoot to murder Sanders, and therefore, Sanders acted in self-defense by killing Knighten, Hokit shared insight into this strange world:

 “in more recent, modern studies of Bigfoot, researchers have pointed to the possibility of Bigfoot not just being able to hide well, but to actually be able to slip in and out of our physical reality, or universe … a lot of these sightings are accompanied by strange voices and orbs of light … so instead of just a cryptozoological phenomenon, Bigfoot also exists among the research of ghosts and demonic entities.”

While Bigfoot has been portrayed positively in films like 1987’s “Harry and the Hendersons,” Bigfoot has often been viewed in a more sinister light, described violently as a killer from the ’80s cult classic “Night of the Demon” to 2021’s “Bigfoot Exorcist.” Night of the Demon caused such a stir that it was banned in the UK, labeled as a “video nasty.” (IMDB)

Hokit expressed, “We may never know whether the victim was truly summoning Bigfoot or if the suspect was telling a tall tale to cover up the crime. What we do know is that there’s a vast history of sightings and lure involving Bigfoot, which has a nearly 100-year history going back to 1920’s gold miners in Washington, in an area known today as Ape Canyon. Strange phenomenal sightings across the board from cryptids and aliens to ghosts have only been increasing these days … so this Pontotoc County incident may just be the beginning.”  

Sanders is charged with first-degree murder with talks of pushing for the death penalty. 


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