KANSAS CITY, Kan. – A suspect is in serious condition after allegedly stabbing his 70-year-old relative at a senior care center and hospitalizing a KCK woman.

On July 18, 2023, Stephanie Perez, 46, walked home after volunteering at a Lutheran church food pantry, a regular routine.

Her mother, Laura Villegas, reportedly spotted a suspicious man walking near Perez and yelled to her to cross the road.

According to Yahoo! News, Perez’s stepfather, Dan Villegas, described the suspect as holding a butcher’s knife and appeared to have blood on his clothing.

The suspect allegedly stabbed Perez in the Argentine neighborhood with injuries to her hand, face, and neck.

The ambulance rushed Perez to the hospital, where surgeons worked to repair the stab wounds.

Once the officers arrived, they located the suspect, armed with a knife.
Police inevitably shot the suspect, who is currently hospitalized.

Perez’s stabbing was not the only incident. An employee at a senior care center alerted officers to an injured 70-year-old male resident.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found the victim stabbed to death.

Officers learned that the suspect is a relative of the deceased victim.

This is an ongoing investigation.


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