“House of Horrors” Turpin sisters shed light on family abuse

In 2018, law enforcement in Perris, California, stepped into a world of horrific abuse endured for years by 13 siblings in the Turpin family. Their parents, David Turpin and Louise Turpin, pled guilty to charges of torture, false imprisonment, abuse of an adult child, and child abuse. The abuse spanned from 1989 to 2018. Both David and Louise received a guilty verdict, where they will serve 25 years to life.

Recently, the “House of Horrors” case has come to surface again as two Turpin siblings, Jordan and Jennifer, offered an exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer on 20/20, entitled “Escape From A House of Horror.”

Jordan Turpin managed to escape from the abuse-stricken household in 2018 when she was only 17 years old. She called 911 and revealed the chilling situation to the 911 operator, including the concern that some of her siblings were chained in bed at home.

The lived-violence of the 13 Turpin siblings included being deprived of food along with sleep and basic hygienic needs. They were also deprived of education and even healthcare. Physical violence involved being chained up, choked, and hit so hard that it caused bleeding.

Although the Turpin siblings were freed from this house of horror in 2018, they have encountered struggles within the foster care system. Some of the siblings have faced hunger and even alleged abuse by their foster parents. According to ABC 7, one sibling has filed charges about the abuse. Some of the older Turpin siblings have had to depend on couch surfing.

Jordan told Diane Sawyer, during the exclusive interview, that she does not have a way to get food at the moment. (ABC 7)

As new information comes to the surface on new allegations about Riverside County, Jailbirds will continue to document the details.


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