“jimdarling169”, child predator, brings a bag of toys to his arranged meeting with an undercover FBI agent

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – A former Mid-Del Schools employee was taken into custody after expressing sexual predatory interest in children via online communication on the instant messaging app, Wickr.

Greg Allen Henke, with the aliases “Jim Chastain” and “jimdarling169”, was identified by an undercover FBI agent with the help of a confidential informant. According to KFOR, the child predator suspect had expressed his interest in committing crimes against children to the confidential informant.

The undercover agent found “jimdarling169” on Wickr earlier this year and initiated a conversation with him. The agent appeared to be posing as an adult, in the perspective of sharing the common sexual interest with Henke. 

Throughout the instant messaging communication between Henke and the undercover agent, Henke shared his sexual interests in children. He expressed, according to reports, that he enjoys fondling them. 

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Henke’s communication with the FBI agent continued on more than one occasion. During another conversation through the instant messaging app, the undercover agent told “jimdarling169” that he had access to children in which Henke could play out his fantasies.

Henke first shared his concern about getting caught by authorities. According to authorities, the communication between the two came to a halt for several days toward the end of April. However, their communication picked back up again in May.

Once the chats restarted between Henke and the agent, Henke shared his interest in meeting with the children for the purpose of committing sexual acts. They planned to meet in mid-May, considering the option of engaging in this plan at a hotel.

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Henke aimed to not only commit crimes against children physically but also bring with him pornography portraying children.

On the day of their meet-up plans, “jimdarling169” chatted with the agent, sharing his problem with the hotel idea. He was afraid of security guards. The child predator suspect made a new recommendation at this point. He wanted to reportedly meet at a local restaurant before going to his residence. (News 4)

The agent did not accept the new plan, but, according to reports, the undercover authority talked Henke into meeting at an unknown public location. According to an affidavit retrieved by KFOR, the suspect agreed to the new plan.

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Henke met the agent in person and reportedly shared that his name was “Jim.” At that point, the suspect was arrested by FBI agents. Henke’s vehicle, described as a truck, was searched. What was found was very disturbing. Agents located a bag filled with children’s toys. One of those toys, according to KFOR, was a toy that “jimdarling169” talked about with the agent. He had shared his plan of giving the toy to the children. 

The Director of Community Relations for Mid-Del Schools shared with KFOR that they are cooperating with the investigation. Jailbirds will follow this story as more case-related details are revealed. 

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