GREEN BAY, Wisc. — Green Bay police were in for a shock when twenty-five-year-old Shad Thyrion’s body was found dismembered in his mother’s basement. Feb 23rd between 2 to 3 a.m., Thyrion’s mother woke up to a door slamming. She got up and went downstairs to investigate the noise.
She noticed the light to the basement was left on. As she went to turn off the light, that is when she saw blood on the mattress. There was a bucket with a towel over the top of it and a storage tote on the floor nearby. In those were Thyrions severed head, male organ, and torso. The rest of his body was found in a Crock Pot box in the back of twenty-four-year-old suspect Taylor Schabusiness’s van. When confronted by authorities, she recounted the alleged events that led up to the horrific crime scene.

It all began earlier that day when Thyrion and Schabusiness smoked meth together. According to Schabusiness, they went to Thyrion’s mother’s house later that evening to engage in sexual intercourse involving chains and sexual asphyxiation. That’s when Schabusiness said she went “crazy” and blacked out while choking Thyrion. When she realized he was coughing up blood, she stated that she liked it, so continued to choke him till he passed away. Afterward, Schabusiness sexually assaulted Thyrions corpse for 3 hours before dismembering his body with a bread knife.

In a statement allegedly given to police, Schabusiness said she used the bread knife because it made it “easier” to cut up Thyrion’s body. Schabusiness only had Thyrion’s legs and feet in her van and had allegedly planned on taking all of Thyrion’s body parts with her but stated she got lazy.

Schabusiness has been charged with mutilating a corpse, third-degree sexual assault, and first-degree intentional homicide. ( Schabusiness is being held at Brown County Jail with a two-million-dollar Bond. (


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