OKC Man attacked in front of 3-year-old daughter during Facebook Marketplace sale

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – An attempted Facebook Marketplace sale turned to a robbery and an injured victim in northwest Oklahoma City.

A man and woman, described as friends, reportedly tried to sell an iPhone through Facebook Marketplace. They met the potential buyers, described as a group of people, at the male victim’s apartment community.

The male victim’s three-year-old daughter reportedly witnessed the terrifying events that took place during the attempted sale.

According to reports, the group left their car running when both victims approached them with the iPhone. 

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The female victim reportedly handed the iPhone over, showing that it was functioning correctly.

That is when things took a turn. The suspects allegedly tried to drive away with the phone without paying.

Rather than allowing the suspects to flee, the male victim decided to hang onto the vehicle through an open window.  

The male victim informed KFOR that there were two males in the back. One of the males possessed an assault rifle, placed in between his legs.

According to the victim, the driver hit the gas pedal even though the victim was hanging onto the vehicle.

The victim described jumping off the vehicle once he spotted the gun, stating that the driver almost ran over his legs.

Unfortunately, the male victim is now covered in marks and bruises.

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The female victim was able to ping the iPhone at an electronics store. Store management pulled surveillance footage that they say may have captured the alleged thieves during their resell attempt.

MSgt. Gary Knight with Oklahoma City Police Department informed the public that it is best to make sales like Facebook Marketplace interactions at your local police station. 

The public is encouraged to sell your items right in the police station’s lobby or parking lot. MSgt Knight also suggested calling an officer if there are any red flags during the interaction or exchange.

Contact OKCPD Crime Stoppers at 405-235-7300 if you have details about this ongoing investigation.

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