TULSA, Okla., On January 27, Tulsa pd received a missing child report from a concerned grandma. The grandmother shared that the child may have been missing for many years.

The grandmother reported that her daughter, Camille Lewis, asked her to look after her 13-year-old daughter, who was extremely malnourished. According to the grandmother, her daughter told her that her 11-year-old son had passed away.

Once the Child Crisis Detectives commenced their investigation, they learned from the 13-year-old girl that her mom, Camille, and John Miles, her stepfather, used to lock her up in a closet for long periods with no food.

According to Tulsa PD, The victim also shared that she and her brother would be abused with cords and belts. The daughter would also be forced to go to the bathroom in a cup or a bag. The abuse allegedly started in 2020 and went on for a couple of years until she moved in with her grandma.

In order to eat, the victim had to provide, according to TPD, “sexual favors” to her stepfather.

At times, the victim and her brother also had to sleep outside in the doghouse in the cold.

The victim informed investigators that in March 2021, her brother was unable to wake up after having a seizure, at least according to the victim’s mother. According to Camille’s daughter, Camille refused to take the boy to the hospital to avoid getting into trouble.

Investigators were informed that the victim’s brother was buried by John and a relative at a park.

Later, the victim’s stepfather returned to the park, dug up her brother’s body, and burned the body. Once the body was burned to ashes, according to the victim, the stepfather allegedly “discarded the ashes in a drainage system.” (Tulsa Police Department)

Camille Lewis and John Miles were arrested on February 07, 2023. Camille admitted to the abuse but denied the death of her son. Instead, the suspect claims that her son ran away and has been missing since then.

Both suspects were arrested for Child Abuse by Injury and Child Neglect with a bond set at $600,000.

The case is currently considered a homicide investigation.


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