You Suck Vapes burglar tries to catch a bus to California

TULSA, Okla. – Tulsa police responded to a break-in at You Suck Vapes on the early morning of August 10. 

Authorities reported that someone entered the vape shop through a side window. The suspect, identified as Gustavo Carrasco, was spotted leaving the shop. 

Carrasco was reportedly carrying a box of loot/vapes. After creating a perimeter, Tulsa officers managed to catch the vape shop burglar.

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Tulsa police say the suspect admitted to breaking into You Suck Vapes and capitalizing on it by storming out with vapes and vape juice. 

The vape juice thief informed authorities his motive was to sell the products to catch a bus to California.

Carrasco was taken into custody, arrested for 2nd Degree Burglary and Obstructing Justice. The suspect’s bond is set to $3,500. His court date is scheduled for August 16. (Tulsa Police Department / Image courtesy of Tulsa County Jail)

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