“Bubba” arrested after teaching alligator a lesson in Florida

DAYTONA BEACH SHORES, Fla. – A Florida man was taken into custody after he reportedly threw an alligator on the roof of a cocktail lounge.

32-year-old William Hodge, also known as “Bubba,” of Homestead, Florida, allegedly stole an alligator from a miniature golf course.

Police say officers witnessed Bubba grabbing the alligator and slamming it against a cocktail lounge’s awning.

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According to reports, the terrifying violence against the alligator continued as Bubba threw the animal to the ground. He then proceeded to stomp on the gator more than once.

The Florida man was charged with multiple offenses:

  • Animal Cruelty (felony)
  • Possession / Injury of an Alligator
  • Burglary

Bubba admitted to authorities that he stole the alligator from a miniature golf course. He also explained that he did so because he was “teaching it a lesson.”

The alligator’s condition is currently unknown. (CBS Miami)

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