“Depraved” California correctional officer’s inmate sex scandal exposed

FRESNO COUNTY, California – A Fresno County Jail correctional officer was sentenced for having sex with an inmate.

According to officials, The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office got a tip back in 2019 of critical intel on the case.

The tip revealed an alleged sexual relationship between correctional officer, 27-year-old Tina Gonzalez, and an inmate. A cell phone that was in the inmate’s possession was also considered key evidence.

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According to Inside Edition, the 27-year-old officer made a hole in her uniform pants. Consequently, the hole in her pants provided easy access during her sexual involvement with the inmate.

At one point, the correctional officer’s intimate relationship with the incarcerated man reportedly occurred in plain view of 11 other inmates.

As a result, over ten inmates could have potentially witnessed the sex taking place between the Fresno County jailer and the prisoner.

The New York Post reported that Gonzalez smuggled a phone in for the inmate along with razors.

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According to Inside Edition, Assistant Sheriff Steve McComas described Gonzalez as having a “depraved mind” that endangered her colleagues.

The suspect, according to McComas, did not seem remorseful about her involvement with the inmate.

However, Gonzalez’s lawyer described her as “vulnerable” following a divorce. The attorney claimed that she did not intend to put her colleagues in any danger.

Judge Michael of the Fresno County Court kept in mind Gonzalez’s background that did not include prior criminal history. In conclusion, Judge Michael sentenced Gonzalez to serve 210 days in jail along with two years of formal probation upon release.

Gonzalez started her correctional career in 2016. In 2019, detectives approached her and conducted an interview. As a result, Gonzalez immediately resigned. (Your Central Valley)

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