Hitman hired by Tulsa man for $500

TULSA, Okla.– James Turner is currently being held in the Tulsa County Jail on a 1 million dollar bond after allegedly hiring a man to kill his wife for $500.

Instead of following through with the job, the hitman recorded conversations, took the money, and went to the police (News 9).

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Turner allegedly wanted his wife murdered because she was leaving him after he had threatened to kill her. According to court documents, Turner was upset because his wife initially left with their kids for six days.

A protective order was in place, but Turner allegedly violated the order four times in less than a month between June 29 and July 22. The protective order remains in effect until December (OSCN).

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Documents reveal that the protective order was put into place after Turner allegedly said things like “get the kids and go somewhere because what is going to happen next is not going to be good,” and “the next time you leave, it will be in a body bag.” (News 9)

After violating the protective order several times, Turner was charged with planning an act of violence and breaking and entering (News 9).

A petition for a divorce between Turner and his wife was filed on July 30.

Turner was charged with two more protective order violations on Sept. 15.

Two hearings have been scheduled for Oct. 19 and Dec. 7.

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