Man Keeps Dead Body in Apartment


    Convicted drug offender keeps body in apartment, puts deceased by dumpster
    A 45-year-old Oklahoma City man is facing a felony charge after he allegedly failed to get help after a man died in his apartment in late April 2020.
    Shannon Noel Porter kept the deceased in his apartment for days, before putting the body out by a dumpster at his apartment complex.

    According to reports, the victim’s family reported him missing on May 1. The man’s mother was concerned after she didn’t hear from her son for several days.
    Unfortunately, 32-year-old Edmond man Jacob Daniel Heck was already dead inside a northwest Oklahoma City apartment, near the area of Northwest 31st Street and May Avenue.

    The deceased was wrapped in blankets and a plastic shower curtain for days before being transported to a dumpster area.
    Oklahoma County sheriff’s deputies found Heck’s body on May 6 after they pinged his phone, which led them to the area of the apartments where Porter lived.

    Porter, a convicted drug offender who lived in the apartment where the victim allegedly died, told police that Heck was a heavy illegal drug user.
    He admitted to officers that he didn’t get help when Heck died in his presence on April 28.

    Reports state that Porter told police, “It was apparent…Heck was dead.”
    Porter wrapped up the man’s body and kept it in his apartment for days before finally deciding to place it out by the dumpster.

    Deputies later found the victim’s decomposing remains under a box spring by a white couch.

    The deterioration of the body and other circumstances rendered the pathologist who performed the autopsy unable to determine a cause of death.
    The autopsy did, however, indicate that Heck had used the illegal drug methamphetamine before passing away.

    After being questioned about the victim’s body in May, Porter was placed under arrest and put behind bars for violating probation on a 2016 felony cocaine case out of Cleveland County.

    Charges for the unauthorized removal of a dead body were filed against the man on December 9, 2020.