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Edmond woman and her boyfriend allegedly extort and rob OnlyFans app user

EDMOND, Okla. – Police say a male victim planned to have sex with a woman he chatted with on the OnlyFans app but was...

A ghost town middle school is a vandalism target and skateboarder’s dream

Warr Acres, Okla. – Video footage reveals children are vandalizing James L. Capps Middle School.The Putman City middle school was abandoned many months ago after...

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Rabid Tulsa burglary suspect takes a bite out of crime, officers suffer bite wounds

TULSA, Okla. – A burglary suspect decided to fight Tulsa police during his arrest with the help of his teeth. Tulsa police officers responded to...

Broken Arrow man wanted for alleged rape, attempted carjacking, and double homicide questioning

BROKEN ARROW, Okla – Broken Arrow Police Department, and the US Marshals are on the lookout for man authorities say has two warrants out,...

Cheetos residue on teeth leads to woman’s arrest

TULSA, Okla. – A Tulsa woman is behind bars for attempted burglary after Cheetos residue linked her to the crime – hey, sometimes burglars...

23-year-old woman spits on aircraft passengers, gets physically restrained

LEE COUNTY, Fla. – Adelaide Schrowang, 23, was physically restrained by police after a spitting incident on a plane at Southwest Florida International Airport. Schrowang...

Monkey dies at Tennessee waterpark, another distressed

SEVIERVILLE, Tenn.- Sevierville police charged two people with animal cruelty after an incident involving two monkeys in Sevierville, Tennessee. Officers responded to Soaky Mountain Waterpark’s parking...

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